You appreciate getting praise for a job well done, don’t you?

Well; So do I.


The other day Iris Veneracion and Bailey Varness were very gracious, and sent me a Thank You note for my presentation to InvestClub. It reads:

Dear Randy,

We cannot thank you enough for coming to speak to our club. Your content is incredible, as was mentioned by all of our attendees! We were so grateful for your fountain of information and we can hardly wait to have you again. Thanks so much ! ! !

Iris and Bailey

Thank you Iris! Thank you Bailey!

The effort I put into all my presentations is intended to achieve this result. I want all of those who hear me in person or on my free webinar training to leave feeling as good as Iris and Bailey did, or better. You’ll not only have a nice time . . . laughing a bit and having your brain engaged by exciting ideas . . . you’ll know more about Land Trusts than many attorneys.

Most important: You’ll learn how you can create peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

So the next time I’m in your area, please do come out. It will be my pleasure to meet you.

By the way, you are encouraged to check out InvestClub. It’s a great place to network. They are an active group, and have helped a lot of people. You could be the next one!


P.S.: Want me to speak to your club, group or association? E-mail me at, or call. I’m very proud of the fact that I answer my own phone. 866-696-7347