The second in a series of interviews I’m doing with Lynda Sands is now available. Lynda and I went over a few more clauses of my latest-and-greatest Trust Agreement.

Even better, we answered questions . . . questions like the ones you may have . . . from those watching us live. Here are some highlights of what you’ll learn when you play it back.

  • Where to find Land Trust friendly attorneys and lenders
  • Do you still have a grantor trust if your name is not on the first page of the Trust Agreement? Do you fall into one of the exemptions for California’s 593C?
  • Should you use a corporation as your trustee?
  • What are some of the tax implications of using an Irrevocable Trust?

This interview is rich with information. You’ll be glad you checked-out this free resource.

Don’t have my Trust Agreement and want to learn how you can get it, along with specifics of how to use it yourself? Go here.