Not long ago someone who had attended one of my presentations sent me the book, The Destruction of Los Angeles by Jacob Goldman, published by Heritage Publishing. I don't know if it is still in print.

This gentleman's story is one of several in the book. His name is Tim. His story starts on page 69. Using Post-it Notes®, he included this message with the book:



They "got me" because I had everything in my personal name.
Great Land Trust seminar!
If I would have had a Land Trust I probably would not have lost everything (33 apartment blds w/508 units). This loss ($55 million) has affected me for the last 24 yrs. If you want your students to not have to go down my path, then they had better have your Land Trust.

I talked to him soon after receiving his gift of the book. He told me that when he said he lost everything its because not only did his wife and children leave him, ultimately the justice system even took his underwear!

Maybe now you understand why I have been teaching thousands of people how to create their own Land Trusts and protect their assets. And why sometimes I get a little nutty about how necessary these protections are.

Please put every property into its own Land Trust. Learn how here.