I wanted to give you a quick introduction to a friend of mine that is well known and highly respected in the real estate world. He is known by the best in the business as the “King of Lease Options.” My friend is John Jackson, and he has without a doubt earned that title!

Lease Options are in fact the easiest way to get started in real estate, since lease options require NO money . . . credit isn’t an issue . . . and have NO risk! John has done more lease options than anyone in the business . . . bar none. He’s done over 500 lease options in just ONE county alone!

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“What about Texas?!” you ask? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, I’m sure you’ve heard the silly rumors about lease options in Texas.

John has the distinction of being the only person that teaches lease options in Texas, and attorneys actually call him with questions! (Guess what? Lease Options are in fact legal in Texas. But most people don’t realize it! Yes…..they are legal!   Can you say “Hello opportunity!“)

Imagine being one of the few people that can use lease options in Texas . . . all because you learned from the best in the business!

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John has a free webinar to show you exactly how he created the largest lease option company of it’s kind.

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