Hi, this is Mr. Land Trust®, and in case you’re wondering why you’d want to come to my all-day training, listen to what these people have to say.

Anita J.; All-day Training Student

All right, so today’s class has been awesome. Um, I had heard about Land Trusts and have actually used it maybe twice.

Um, but what I’m learning here today just gives me a much broader understanding of their use, um, and helps to really answer a lot of the questions that I’ve had, um, that prior to today’s class were unanswered.

And so, um, I really think that Randy does an awesome job of, um, being very thorough in his explanation. He gives lots of examples and even we’ve had the in-class kind of demonstrations, right, to help folks kind of understand all the different nuances of trusts.

So I think it’s been an awesome class.

Jimmy Mc; All-day Training Student

I’d heard, um, Randy’s presentation about a week or so ago, and, um, I’ve been into real estate for about 35 years and, um, have been working and put my properties in LLCs, um, before that.

And when I heard about the, the Land Trust and the, uh, additional protection, uh, primarily, uh, keeping properties out of probate, and that was, uh, very interesting to me and something that I believe I needed, um, as part of my business.