“Land trusts, as a conveyance device is a device that I had never heard of even while in Law School. Landtrust [sic] as a Real Estate strategy was also absent from the curriculum. It was absent in Contract I and II. What is more, I did not even hear any utterances of it in Property I and II in 1984 as a student at the University of Iowa College of Law.  Even today, in the year 2021, the Land Trust device still is not discussed and is underutilized by so-called Real Estate Lawyers with a Real Estate closing or contract specialty.

I find this revelation and observation as a great disservice for all of those individuals contemplating getting involved and being in the Real Estate space. As a Real Estate Broker, Accountant, and Financial Services Specialist, I start all of my client Real Estate Investing conversations off with the explanation of the Land Trust as explained and taught in great detail by Randy Hughes also known as Mr. Land Trust. Mr. Randy Hughes’ or Mr. Land Trust’s teachings are both enlightening, and insightful teachings. His teachings are concise, easy to understand, and integrated with anecdotal cases and contemporary occurrences.

Had I met Randy in 1984 or came [sic] across his teachings, I would predictably be rich beyond my and any Real Estate Investor’s wildest dreams. Having said this, I highly recommend and convincingly endorse Mr. Randy Hughes’ Land Trust course and system.  He is the Real Deal. My view of Mr. Land Trust’s system and companion courses is not to be regarded as an advertisement, instead, it should be regarded as a path to financial transformation. The Land Trust, as a device, could be used singularly or in tandem with other well-known strategies. If one does not have or have it and not committing its use to memory or investing, they are leaving money on the table. Buy, get, or subscribe to Randy’s services and tools immediately.”