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I have packaged ALL of my Home Study Courses together!

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Land Trust Elite Package

Privacy, Protection & Profit in one product!

I have packaged ALL of my Home Study Courses into one Download!

Bonuses When You Purchase

14 Steps to Create a Real Estate Trust

This guide walks you through the Land Trust creation process. It has been updated to follow with my Land Trust Agreement 6.0 document included in the Land Trusts Made Simple Course. 

Land Trust U - 3 Months Free Access

Gain access to Mr. Land Trust® and all of his content. Form Updates, Course Videos, Monthly Live Training sessions & Newsletters. Consider this your all-access pass! After three months, you only pay $37/month. You may cancel at any time.

Privacy & Asset Protection Booklet

I.D Theft is out of control!!! In this booklet, I dive deeper into the types of privacy needed to protect yourself in this 21-Century version of the Wild-Wild-West. 

Free Asset Protection Consultation

"Just wanted to let you know that Jay Butler has been a tremendous resource to us as we establish our family’s small business. He provides so much value and we are better positioned after having worked with him. Excellent referral." ~ Darlene

As an extra bonus, Mr. Land Trust has arranged for a FREE Asset Protection Consultation with Mr. Jay Butler. There is no obligation to use Mr. Butler, but he can provide you with excellent information about which State to form your LLC, Corp. or Living Trust. We share your contact information with him and he will contact you via email after purchase.

About Mr. Jay Butler

Jay Butler is the Managing Director of Asset Protection Services of America, the Secretary of State Trustee Services, LLC and the former Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Corporate Support Services of Nevada Inc. Mr. Butler holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts (BFA) from Boston University.

Jay has provided customized business entity structuring for clients in all 50 states along with some of the most respected names in the industry including the Jay Mitton organization “the father of asset protection” and Real Estate Investor Association seminars.

Jay builds his relationships through consistent attention to detail and reliable support. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States (having visited 49 of the 50 states), explored 36 nations worldwide, and has lived in a total of 7 countries throughout North America, Central America, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Recent Purchases

I can sleep nights knowing that I have formed Virginia Land trusts for my commercial rental properties and have completely removed my personal name from any public records showing my ownership.  This would not have been possible if it was not for Randy Hughes' constant availability as I constructed my Land Trust paperwork.  His expertise in understand real-estate laws for my state and the states that I set up Trust in was incalculable..”

Adam H

Land Trust U Member

As my family has moved my parents' assets into a trust, my siblings and I, and our spouses, have gained a new appreciation for asset protection. As my husband and I move forward with our real estate investment business, and grow the family trust, I intend to share our knowledge with them for their benefit. Thank you for adding such a critically important component to that learning curve.

Trish P.

Land Trust U Member

“Hey there Randy, thought you'd like to know . . . I did it! I did it!  Hahhaaaaha . . . I purchased a property in Florida using the Trustee / Land Trust arrangement. Then I purchased House & Liability Insurance as you had instructed.  ALL Good!! Thanks so much!”

Debra M.

Land Trust U Member