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Why buy using this technique?

A wise old rich man once said, “Own nothing – control everything” ~Rockefeller. With ownership comes liability and responsibility. If you want to avoid liability and have little in the way of responsibility, you should learn how to option and lease option property.

Fast start your profits in the real estate investment business using LEASE OPTIONS. This class will fast start your knowledge on the many benefits of using Lease Options to buy and sell investment real estate. It will also provide access to forms, guides to filling them out and explanation of legal forms your attorney will produce.

Product Description

Markets Rise and Markets Fall

Knowledgeable people make money no matter what. All you need is the correct information and some guidance and YOU will make money in real estate no matter what the market is doing.

Right now is a tremendous time to acquire rental real estate. You may have noticed that I did not say it is a good time to BUY rental real estate. Why? Because you do not have to buy real estate to make money. This home study course will teach you how to make big money with real estate options. You will learn how to buy on a lease-option, sell on a lease-option and negotiate pure options (with very little money needed…just your new found skills).

Combining Land Trusts and options is THE smart way to go when it comes to investing in real estate. This is THE way to make big profits without having to BUY any real estate! Don’t say I did not tell you. Here is YOUR opportunity to make money in Real Estate without borrowing money, talking to bankers or having risk!

This is as good as it gets when it comes to real estate investments. The highest yields, biggest returns, lowest cash requirements, least amount of risks AND NO CREDIT REQUIREMENTS! Jump in now or forever hold your peace. This great acquiring opportunity will not last long.

Reasons To Buy

Buy On A Lease Option-The market is prime for approaching sellers with this technique. We have not seen a buying opportunity like this in 10 years! Learn how to CONTROL property using a lease with the option to buy. This method of acquiring rental real estate has the most benefits with the least amount of risk. You do not have to borrow money or produce a down payment. Real estate investing just does not get any better than this!

Sell On A Lease Option-There are many ways to utilize this method of selling on a lease with an option. Just one of the many ways the Hughes Brothers will teach you involves leasing to a tenant at ABOVE market rents at a price that is ABOVE the retail price of the home. You will find a better quality of tenant that will take better care of your house if you use a lease with the option to sell.

Product Details:

Immediate Download After Purchase

Complete Workbook: (PDF eBook)

  • 47 Pages of Course Content
  • 36 Pages of Appendix

Course Chapters:

  1. Introduction to the world of how to use LEASE OPTIONS
  2. What is a Pure Option
  3. What is a Lease-Option
  4. Buying on a Lease-Option
  5. Selling on a Lease-Option
  6. What paperwork is needed to complete a Lease-Option deal
  7. Building your confidence to create BIG profits with L/O deal
  8. Anatomy of the IDEAL real estate investment
  9. Where to focus your marketing efforts to land this type of deal
  10. How to negotiate Lease-Option deals
  11. Six real life deals explained in detail
  12. Specific terms to negotiate in an L/O deal

Forms Included: (Microsoft Word Format)

  • Advertisement for Newspaper
  • Blank Option for Contract Form
  • Buying Interview
  • Claim on Option Deposit
  • Color Fliers -posters
  • Memorandum of Option Contract
  • Neighbor hand out
  • Option Agreement Contract
  • Option cancellation letter to tenant
  • Option credit letter
  • Option to buy Beneficial interest in a Land Trust
  • RELEASE OF OPTION Blank form
  • Rent to Own – yard sign
  • Rental Agreement

Land Trust University ($497 Value!)

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” -Sarah Caldwell

Purchasing investing products and not accessing continuing education is like buying a new vehicle and not putting gas in it. For that reason I have developed the best Land Trust continuing education system in the country! No one else in the United States is providing Land Trust support and education to help you set up and administer your own Land Trusts.

Land Trust University Benefits:

    1. Land Trust University Monthly Coaching Call
      Every month you will have the opportunity to hear me answer questions not only from you, but all of the other Land Trust University Students. I follow a monthly lesson plan to help create the learning environment, then open the floor to you as questions arise! Not able to attend? Don’t worry… You can download every session you miss for free. If you have more questions, just ask them next month!

      Live Recordings back to August 2009

    2.  Bi-monthly Land Trust Newsletter (Not available with any other Products)
      Served to you every other month by email, filled full of lessons, laws and current events affecting the Real Estate Land Trust. That is 6 issues per year of valuable continuing education. (A $97 value per year)

      Previous Newsletter Archive on Members Only Page!

    3.  State Land Trusts Laws, Title Companies, and More…
      While I recommend using the Virginia Type Land Trust, I also research to find laws and statues that dictate land trust use in your state. In that search I find contacts with top attorneys, title companies and trustee services that can help you close deals in your area. That way you can rest assured that your Land Trust will be legal if ever questioned in the court system.

      (All 50 States and Washington D.C.)

    4. Land Trust Forms Updates When you purchased my Basic and Advanced Land Trusts Made Simple Courses (The LTMS Complete Package), I gave you all of the forms needed to develop and maintain your own real estate Land Trust. On a regular basis I update this material as laws and concepts change. Normally you would have to “re-buy” my complete course to get these updates.

      Now you can download them for FREE every time I post them.

    5. Land Trust University Blog
      Submit to my RSS feed once and you have backend access to my #1 Land Trust Blog. There is no other like it. No one else in the USA is writing a Land Trust Blog…just me, Mr. Land Trust. My blog will bring you constant UPDATED information about Land Trusts and the laws that effect the formation of Land Trusts.

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