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  • Estate planning benefits
  • Ease of transferability
  • Easier (and safer) management with multiple owners
  • Make more money on real estate deals
  • No annual fees (unlike most corporations and LLCs)

and more reasons that benefit you, the real estate investor.

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"The reason to use a Land Trust is for anonymity; Right?"

I was asked that question the other day by a seasoned real estate investor. You may be thinking the same thing. My report clears up this misunderstanding. There are so many more reasons to use Land Trusts, many more than just the privacy that comes with anonymity.

So far I have identified more than 50 reasons why using Land Trusts to hold the title to real property . . . any kind of real property . . . makes sense. Land Trusts make sense and they can make you more money too!

When you finish my report you'll discover that there are more reasons to use Land Trusts than there are to hold the title to real property in your personal name or the name of your entity, such as a corporation or LLC.

Since you get all of the benefits and more when using Land Trusts, there is NO reason to continue holding the title in your personal name!

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