Privacy and Asset Protection Home Study Course


The world has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Lawsuits are everywhere and identity theft is so widespread that the police cannot keep up with the prosecutions. Privacy and asset protection are subjects that use to only interest the “fringe” elements of our society. NOT ANY MORE!


What is My Privacy and Asset Protection Course?

Every American should now be concerned about their private information being violated and their personal assets being exposed to public scrutiny.

The first step to protecting your assets AND your identity is learning how to be more private. Learn from a pro that has been working on his own privacy for more than 30 years. There are many techniques that you can develop to prevent bad things from happening to you and your family. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Take this home study course and boost your knowledge immediately. You will be very glad that you did.

This is VERY unique information that is not published on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble bookstore. This is down-to-earth practical advice that only someone who has been living in the “trenches” for the last 60 years can explain. Yes, you can talk to your lawyer and your accountant and they will give you their standard advice. But, if you want to REALLY learn how to be private . . . you should read this home study course. I guarantee you that you will be glad you studied this material.

That is what insurance is for, you say? Many people think that because they have insurance they do not need to worry about protecting their assets. They are fooling themselves! Although liability insurance is highly recommended and is considered the “first line” of defense against lawsuits, it has its limits and conditions: you could be sued for more than your coverage amount, or your policy may “exclude” coverage for your type of claim. The facts are that liability insurance covers only about one-third of lawsuits in America today.

A liability insurance policy may cover DEFENSE COSTS but you will probably have to hire your own attorney to keep an eye on the insurance company’s attorney (because he/she will NOT have your best interests in mind)! You can be perfectly innocent, but end up spending a fortune in legal fees proving your innocence in court.

Additionally, your liability insurance will NOT protect you against bankruptcy, IRS liens, divorce, or careless partners! Some will argue that a high-limit liability insurance policy will actually ATTRACT A LAWSUIT!

No one will protect your family and your assets as you will!

Buy this course NOW . . . if it is not what I promise, return the hard copy within 30 days and I will refund your money. (My money-back guarantee only applies to the hard copy as you cannot return a download version).

Reasons to Buy

11 Laws of Asset Protection-This subject is fairly complex and needs broken down for ease of understanding. I set forth eleven primary laws of asset protection that will train you from the ground up. This information is invaluable and very difficult to find ANYWHERE. You are going to be amazed at what you are about to learn.

Top 7 Threats to Our Assets- Randy has boiled all major threats to you and your assets down to seven primary concerns. This home study course discusses each threat in detail and what you can do to protect yourself. Hint: One of the biggest threats are:

Contingency Fee Lawyers

Privacy as a Way of Life- This course will teach you how to change your everyday life to be more private with your personal data and your public data. Some techniques require small changes and others require big changes in the way you live. You decide what level of privacy that you seek. If you want it all, you will learn it in this unique home study course.

Attorneys- Love Them or Hate Them?-Most attorneys are good professionals looking out for their client’s best interest. The problem with our legal system is the existence of contingency fee lawyers that sue over frivolous issues just to get a “settlement” or “black mail” money. This course talks extensively about how to deal with frivolous lawsuits, lawyers and the sue to get rich crowd. This is MUST READ material if you have ANY liability exposure.

I.D. Theft Prevention- Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America today. If it happens to you your life can fall apart overnight. The Hughes Brothers will teach you many different techniques for preventing I.D. theft BEFORE it happens. This information is extremely important to your entire family.

Lawsuit Self-defense- This section of my home study course will teach you how to avoid a lawsuit AND what to do if you happened to get sued. There are techniques that you can apply before a lawsuit is filed, but a lawsuit stops most activities AFTER it has been filed. Old and Cold matters. You need to start protecting your assets NOW before any legal action is taken against you.

The Money Game- Here is where things get REALLY interesting. This course teaches you how to obtain bank accounts, credit cards and post office boxes in other people’s names. How to use money orders, wire transfers and credits with the IRS to hide cash. This truly is a one of a kind home study course.

Checklist of Things Not To Do- Our home study course will explain 20 activities that you should not engage in to prevent a legal attack. This is solid information from two brothers who have seen it all. They know how to deal with the Sharks of this world and they will teach you how to out swim all of them.

Questions to Ask a Judgment Debtor- Do you think it would be to your advantage to know ahead of time what questions you would be asked in a hearing to discover your assets? This home study course lists 129 questions that the opposing attorney is allowed to ask you in open court (to try to find your assets). This is valuable information that you can use NOW to avoid having to give private information later.

There are a total of 32 chapters in this well written, well researched privacy and asset protection manual. If you are serious about protecting your family, your assets and your privacy…this is a must read home study course.

What’s Included

Complete Workbook:

  • 177 Pages of Course Content
  • 76 Pages of Forms Appendix


  • Insurance Worksheet – Basic
  • Insurance Worksheet – Land and Personal Property Trusts
  • Insurance Activity – Transmittal Worksheet
  • Identity Theft Checklist
  • Lawyers Article- Discovering the landlords Assets
  • Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
  • Check Stamps
  • Divorce Case Could reveal Rockefeller Trust
  • Bank Clerk Policies
  • Suspicious Activity Report
  • Currency Transaction Report
  • State Liability Report
  • Patriot Act
  • Privacy Policy Notice
  • Illinois LLC act
  • Credit Card Approval Sheet
  • Vehicle Transactions
  • Real Estate SS# stolen!
  • News articles about privacy

Hi, this is Mr. Land Trust®. Thank you for coming to my website, and thank you in particular for coming to see my Privacy and Asset Protection course.

It’s dark in here.

There’s nothing behind me.

That’s what I want to teach you how to do.

I want you to be more private.

Quit giving out your personal information.

Don’t own real estate in your name, and a whole lot more.

I spent 25 years developing this course, for you, to help you become more private and to protect yourself, your family, and your family’s assets for the future.

So many people come to my website and look at this and wonder why they might need a Privacy and Asset Protection course.

Well, what’s interesting about being successful, especially in the real estate business, is the more successful you are, the greater you are a target for contingency fee lawyers, people who are jealous of your success, and the General Public.

So you need to be and learn how to be more private with your personal information and your assets in particular.

And that’s what this course teaches you.

So thank you again for coming to the course looking it over, analyzing it.

You see there’s a synopsis of all the information in the course so you can you make that judgment for yourself. If it’s for you.

But I assure you it will be unique. It will have concepts in it that you’ve never seen anywhere else before, and it’s well worth the money.

Thanks again and enjoy!