How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments


Author, investor, and entrepreneur Lance Edwards shares how he was able to leave his day job, going from stressed-out desk jockey to multi-millionaire entrepreneur in just a few short years.

In this book, Lance reveals his specific blueprint for anyone to go from where you are right now to becoming financially free in just 5 years through small apartments.

It’s worth pointing out that this blueprint is for those who understand it takes time and effort. This is NOT “make millions, get rich quick for doing nothing” hokum.

This is Lance’s introductory gift with no strings attached! All he asks is you help pay a small shipping and handling fee to help cover costs.

Access the book (with a foreword by Ron LeGrand) and uncover why Small Apartments are a smarter investment over single-family houses.

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Product Description

Are you getting started in real estate and not sure what steps to take? Or have you been investing for years and want less stress, less effort, and more profit?

Is your goal is to pay off debt, fund a child’s education, or enjoy the finer things in life?

Wherever you’re at in your investing career, no matter what your dreams and goals are, investing in small apartments can help you get there. Lance’s book gives you a clear action plan for reaching the destination you desire.

Some of the things this book offers you are

  • How to create financial freedom in five years or less using none of your own cash or credit.
  • Why Small Apartments are the smart investment that you can start right now with no experience.
  • Why Small Apartments are easier than single-family houses, with less restrictions and larger advantages!
  • Alternative funding sources that don’t require money down or credit checks. When you deal with Small Apartments you use the value of the property NOT your personal financial situation.

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