MR Land Trust, Richard here. I am trying my best to figure this course out, having a hard time. I am getting a HELOC on my personal residence. I asked the bank person if I could put my property into a Land Trust, and I was told yes. Now, my question is what order do I pursue this: I am a newbie and have no real clue of what I am trying to accomplish. I have an appointment to speak with a CPA tomorrow. I intend to set up an appointment with a Lawyer shortly after my meeting with the CPA. So, I guest the question is when I meet with the attorney (for purpose setting up an LLC) am I suppose to ask him to set up the Trust in Virginia at that time, or do I go through the information as per instruction to select one of the Title Companies to set up the Trust? I sure could use some help?

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Hi Richard, the first trust is always the toughest because everything is new to you. Your questions are valid but i would prefer to answer them on the phone as it takes too much time to post those details here. Please call me and i will walk you through the answers.

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