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I have a small house in fortbend county Texas that has taxes owed and my ex wife never signed her interest back over to me before she died. The property does not have much personal value to me really and I no longer takecare of it because of many many robberies I’ve had because of the local peoples kids over the years. I’ve  beaten six lawyers trying to get me into court on presentments. Old single Navy Veteran 69. I would like to give my assets to whoever I want after my death.

  1. Likely to my son who I do not see or possibly a animal charity. I also need to make a bullet proof will. Single and alone. I’m familiar with International Law, Federal, Texas. I’m not a Attorney
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Hi Eddie, Are you asking me if using a land trust would help you accomplish your goals? Yes, as far as leaving your property (held in the land trust) to your successor beneficiary (you son). You would avoid probate and make life much easier for you son to inherit the property/trust.

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