Personal Property Trust (Hold a New Car)


Hello Randy,

<span lang="en">If I want to buy a new car and create a personal property trust, how can I put the car in the personal property trust if I haven't bought the car yet and I don't know what the vin number is? I have to buy it in my name and then create the personal property trust? or do I have to create the personal property trust without assets and then buy the car and put it in the personal property trust? 

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William Cramer

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William, the way i would do this is to create the trust first…then have the new car titled in the name of the trust/trustee upon acquisition

Mr. LT

then, when I create the Personal Property Trust, it will be empty on SCHEDULE OF TRUST PROPERTY and on beneficiary “Item of Property”?
Do I have to create a amendment to put a car on the personal property trust?

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