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I was contacting by Landtrust usa concerning property that I had recently been willed to by a very close friend of mine that is now deceased. I was just trying to do a bit of researching to figured out exactly  how this all works an will I be meeting with an agent in person to explain any an all details on the property.  The person named Francine Fallover was the acquisition  on this file on hand concerning my current property. He or she has been inquiring about my property so the company can give a proper offer for it. My question regarding this matter is should I need to do a bit of research on your company to figure out the rules an regulations on what needs to be filed an what dates to be provided in order to get the most out of my property.  Please if possible try to give me sum extra feedback on as to what im needing to do such as dates on surveys or utilities known or etc. Thank you so very much. Hope to hear from you soon.      Sincerely, Anothony

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Anthony, lucky you! You inherited a property and hopefully it is FREE AND CLEAR of any debt. Please start your education at my website: http://www.landtrustsmadesimple.com There you will find lots of FREE land trust information. If you are interested in learning more, purchase my Land Trusts Made Simple Basic home study course. You will find all my courses by hovering over the drop down menu in the upper right corner of my home page marked “products.”

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