Randy, I am SERIOUSLY considering purchasing your course. I would appreciate
it if you answer the following questions:

Do does any of the products below include
“Lease Options – Huge Profits & Low Risk – Download Version”
and “Privacy and Asset Protection Home Study Course”:

Land Trusts Made Simple Complete Home Study
$797.00 – $897.00

Land Trusts Made Simple Basic Home Study
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Land Trusts Made Simple Advanced Home Study
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Based on Podcast Episode # 36 with Connor Steinbrook – Land Trusts w/ Mr. Land Trust – Randy Hughes

I have questions: I would love to sell my properties either on lease option, but I am strongly
leaning on selling via land contract ( installment contract), but do what toi go through
the Foreclosure process in the state of Florida (takes about 6 months to 1 year, $5,000 in legal fees).

If am selling the beneficial interest in the trust ( using ) you stated it is now consider a personal
property does that mean that now I can EVICT the occupant as opposed to FORECLOSING. In
the state of Florida, will an eviction Judge approve “repossessing the occupant interest” (consider the property as my personal, since I sold it via selling the beneficial interest in the trust property in order to approve the eviction)?

How does this work when you have to retain the property from the occupant in your state?
Otherwise, do you just do cash for keys with the occupant?

1. Notice of Acceleration Under Installment Contract
2. Notice of Default
3. Notice of Forfeiture Under Installment Contract
4. Termination and Mutual Release Agreement

After the 4 steps, if the occupant do not moved out, will I be able to evict as opposed to foreclosure

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