Scott FladHammer of Real Estate Investors Association (R.E.I.A.) graciously invited me to a conversation with him about real estate investing and real estate management in times of crisis.

I’ve been in the real estate business for decades now, and I have seen many regional, national and some world crises. I’ve lived through them, and I’ve noticed there are things which are common to them. The first thing which is common to them: Things do get better.

Scott recorded our conversation, and he is making it available to everyone. (Thank you, Scott!)

We talked about things I’ve learned from previous crises, and some things I have done to keep the lines of communication open with my tenants. During our talk I stressed the importance of cash flow and creative ways to get cash if you don’t have much right now. We touched on self-directed IRA’s, lease options and seller financing. Another topic was the Section 8 program.

This interview has meaty information in it for you. I do believe you’ll find something . . . probably several things . . . valuable in this audio recording. Please give it a listen.

You may click on this link and playback our interview using any web browser on your desktop or mobile device. You may download the link too, if you’d like to save it.

To your success!

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