In my presentations, I’ll recommend to the audience that the fourth step in creating a land trust or real estate trust is to “sleep better at night.” It is truly gratifying to read that for this audience member, that is going to be true.

Mr. Hughes,

I wanted to really take the time to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to move forward with the land trust.

I have been a real estate investor for some time but really only recently I became a full time investor. I have always known and understood the importance of asset protection but really never have taken the time to truly look into it until I was fortunate enough to attend one of your presentations and decided to invest into your course. In less than a month I read your easy steps course, decided to set up a land trust with the guidance of your course and quickly moved one of my properties out of a living trust into a land trust I just completed.

Along the process, I had doubts and concerns it would not be done right but you took the time to answer my questions, address my concerns and truly gave me the confidence I was moving forward in the right direction.

I am about to record this property, I feel so much at peace knowing that this real estate will be in placed in a land trust and most importantly knowing that it is done right.

Thank you so much again for allowing me the opportunity, teaching me the steps, answering my questions when in doubt and giving me the confidence to move forward.

Truly kind regards,


REI investor