Recently I taught a two-day Land Trust event in Nashville, Tennessee. Two of the attendees were a father and his son. Like parent, like child, they were a team. They had attended another event of mine a few months earlier.

It was impressive. The father takes his son to all real estate events. The kid is only 16 years old, but he knows more about real estate than most 30-year-Man and Child on Park Benchold people.

Why? Like Parent, Like Child

Because his father knows that the sooner you start your real estate investing career, the more successful you will become. Furthermore, if the father gets sick, disabled, or dies . . . the son can easily step in and take over the business (perhaps saving the family business from ruin). As a by-product of this real estate education the young man is learning, he has a credit score of 850!

Moral of this story? Teach your children while they are young. You and they will be glad you did.

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