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Welcome to the most comprehensive Land Trust website in the World. My name is Mr. Land Trust®, and I want to teach you all the benefits of using a Land Trust to hold title to your real estate investments.

I am not talking about non-profit land conservancy Land Trusts. I'm referring to Trusts that hold title to your investment property (houses, apartment buildings, mineral rights, raw land, etc.).

Yes, I also use Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Corporations, but NOT to hold title to investment real estate.

Unlike LLCs and Corporations, Land Trusts are not registered anywhere on the planet! Therefore, learning how to link the Land Trust together WITH an LLC or Corporation gives you ultimate privacy AND asset protection.


You get the same benefits using a Land Trust, with less risk

  • What is a Land Trust? Nothing more than a few pieces of paper and a Deed to Trustee
  • Why do I need to use a Trust?  For your privacy of ownership, asset protection, reduced expenses, and increased income
  • Can I change my Trustee? It is easy to do with a Land Trust

All three of these questions are very important to your long-term financial health. You are working very hard to accumulate property for investment and cash flow. You put yourself, your family, and your children’s financial future at risk by investing in real estate.


Privacy Can Mean Peace of Mind

Trusts are the first line of defense to insulate yourself (and your family) from the millions of lawsuits happening every year. Keeping your control of real estate private often means people with bad intentions can't find you and move on to an easier target.

Do you want protection from your number one adversary . . . the contingency fee lawyer (and his deadbeat client), or would you rather have a bare-knuckle fight with him without any defense in place?

You have probably noticed that it is VERY difficult to find any information about these title-holding trusts and how they operate. That is why people from all over the United States (and other countries) come to my website to find accurate information about Land Trusts.

Most attorneys do not know how to set up and administer a title-holding trust (they receive only three hours of trust education, if any, in law school). So, you cannot even rely on your local lawyer for accurate trust information.

Illinois Trust law and Massachusetts business trust law set the foundation for all other states to follow. This is the reason why most of these trusts today are referred to as, “Illinois TYPE Land Trusts.” See Hart v. Seymour, 147 Ill.598 (Ill. 1893). But, this does NOT mean that all of these are Illinois Trusts. Rather than drafting their own statutes, most states just model their laws after Illinois and Massachusetts. Thus, with the exception of:

Florida, Virginia, Texas, North Dakota, Indiana, Hawaii, Arizona, Ohio, and California there is little statute law in any of the other states on which these kinds of trusts can be based. Consequently, Land Trusts (often referred to as an Illinois "type" Land Trust) are valid in all states.


Hawaii, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan are states where this kind of trust usage is particularly problematic (but not impossible). If you want to use a Land Trust in these states, please call me first! (217 355 1281)

Land Trusts Are Like a Submarine . . .
they take you below the surface and keep you off of the radar

For citzens of Canada and Mexico that are buying property in the USA, please note that it is perfectly legal for you to hold title to your investments in America using a Land Trust. Please call me for additional details at 217 355 1281.

Land Trusts Are Legal

Trusts of many descriptions and for various purposes are legal in all States. A Land Trust is just another type of trust.

Land Trusts are THE #1 LEGAL way to get your name out of the County Court House record books. Start creating your own trusts today and understand the process. You DO NOT need to be an attorney to form trusts for yourself.

You don't have to be an attorney . . . again, you do not have to be an attorney!!! My system was recently viewed by an attorney from Southern California to see if he can penetrate my system. Watch what he says below.

After being in this business for more than 50 years, I should know a thing or two. You want to put each property into its own SEPARATE real estate trust. Many of my students then have their LLC or Corporation serve as the Beneficiary of their Land Trust . . . and I will discuss that technique later.

Let's Look at a Brief History of Land Trusts

There are numerous types of “trusts” that have been used in our country over the last 200 years. In fact, Land Trusts and the law behind them followed the settlers over from England. Almost 500 years ago in medieval England, property trusts were used by the common man, “serfs”, to protect their property rights from those who were in power at the time. Trusts served not only to protect assets but also to avoid taxes and laws of descent. Even though King Henry VIII tried to bypass the use of trusts to prevent serfs from holding title to properties in “trust” and avoiding the responsibilities of land ownership, the medieval courts of England, and most courts since, have upheld the use of Land Trusts and the rights of their Beneficiaries.

Since most American law evolved from English Common Law, the use of trusts and laws supporting them blended easily into American law. This was around 1795.

More than 100 years later, a land development company in Illinois wanted to subdivide a large piece of ground that was encumbered by a large mortgage. Since the mortgagee would not release the lots individually until the entire debt was paid off, Chicago Title became involved with the developer. Chicago Title became the trustee of the entire parcel and guaranteed would-be buyers/Beneficiaries and prospective mortgage companies that free and clear title would be eventually delivered once enough lots were sold off to pay the mortgage off in its entirety. This worked marvelously.

Enough about history! How do you put Land Trusts to work for YOU?

You can easily create Land Trusts on your own. Once you have the proper knowledge and forms, you can, and will, create your own trusts IN AS LITTLE AS 5 MINUTES.

The key here is EDUCATION. You can buy the forms anywhere, but will you know how to use them to your advantage? For more than 40 years, I have been forming Land Trusts and using them in my real estate investment business. I teach you the creative strategies that I use to give these trusts "teeth." Would you want to use a brain surgeon who has all the medical tools but no EDUCATION on how to use those tools? I think not.

"How we think and how we behave determine where we are going."

~ Marianne Williamson

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