LIVE Virtual Land Trust Workshop

Throwing Open the Door to Exclusive Asset Protection Training

First of Its Kind! Will it be the last of its kind too?

Mr. Land Trust® is doing something he’s never done before. On Saturday, October 16, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Central time, he’s offering his live Land Trust and asset protection training to everyone who registers.

Only a fortunate few have been able to spend several hours with this investor who has more than 50 years of experience and hundreds of transactions to his credit. Those few were almost all people who purchased his Land Trusts Made Simple® course.

This Is Different

This session is different. This time you can be guided by Mr. Land Trust’s® vast knowledge whether you bought his course or not! The only registration requirement is your desire to be a better, more effective, and more profitable real estate investor.

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This session will be recorded.


By the time the session is over, you will have created a Land Trust with Mr. Land Trust®.

Everyone has heard of Land Trusts or so-called “title holding trusts” but it takes superior training to know how to work them for all they’re worth. Learn to use Land Trusts to keep your net worth from prying eyes – protecting your privacy and shielding your assets.

Come and discover how you can get time, freedom, and peace of mind to fearlessly build businesses without worrying you’ll lose everything.

These lessons are essential to your real estate career, so join Mr. Land Trust® to slash liabilities and achieve financial privacy in this approximately 6-hour long training session.

The training will be centered upon his Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic home study course. If you have not yet drafted your first Land Trust, now is the time! If you have written Land Trusts in the past, compare what you have created with what Mr. Land Trust® teaches.

Mr. Land Trust® will begin on Saturday, October 16, at 9:00 a.m. Central time.


If Not for Yourself, Then for Your Loved Ones

More than 35 years ago, Mr. Land Trust® started learning how to set up and administer title-holding Land Trusts for privacy and asset protection. Through the years, Randy has become THE national Land Trust expert in the United States.

Mr. Land Trust® will be teaching you how to unlock the many benefits of using a Land Trust to not only protect assets but make more profits out of each deal.

Here are a few of the techniques which will be revealed to you, along with how to apply them:

  • Let’s start with the best: Mr. Land Trust® will be answering your questions
  • Using a Land Trust when selling on a contract to protect against buyer default
  • Making bigger profits when selling on an installment contract
  • How, and more importantly, why, you should stay out of the county courthouse records
  • How to use a Land Trust when lease-optioning . . . so you can make more money on your lease-option deals
  • Avoiding the due-on-sale clause in any mortgage
  • Keeping your business private (from nosy neighbors, tenants, and relatives)
  • Protecting your hard-earned assets from outside attack (frivolous lawsuits)
  • How to link your Land Trust with other asset protection entities

Confidential concepts that are not made public . . . Mr. Land Trust® will only reveal during this class


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