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The Land Trust University is your On-Demand Access to everything Land Trust-related. With Members Only access you unlock forms, videos, Monthly Live Training, and much more!

Forms & Bonuses

Get all the forms and guides needed to create your own Trusts!

Online Studies

On-Demand Videos of Mr. Land Trust® teaching you all about Land Trusts!

50+ Years of Experience

Mr. Land Trust® is a seasoned investor that uses Land Trusts in his daily operations!


The Land Trust University

Land Trust University


The Land Trust University is an add-on to the Land Trust Made Simple® Basic home study. University Members get special access to monthly coaching calls, email support, and a list of attorneys, title companies, and lenders that understand Land Trust law in your state!

Land Trust University Master Edition

Basic & Advanced

The Master's Edition upgrades your resources through the Land Trust University by adding the Land Trusts Made Simple® Advanced content. With access you have access to everything about Land Trusts that Mr. Land Trust® offers!

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Buy any of my Land Trust Home Study Courses and get a FREE TRIAL of my Land Trust University!!! The Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic home study starts at $497


Why Choose the Land Trust University?

A Network of Land Trust Professionals

Mr. Land Trust® travels the U.S. meeting with Real Estate Clubs and Land Trust Professionals. He shares that network of experience and access with you!

Guides, Forms & Coaching

Many so-called "experts" only give you a book with theory on how to create a Land Trust, and stop there. Mr. Land Trust® goes far beyond this. He shows you the process, supplies you with the forms needed, and takes your calls when you have questions. Mr. Land Trust® DOES ALL THESE THINGS!

OnDemand Seminar Video

Mr. Land Trust's® in-person training class has been recorded and split into easy-to-watch modules. He explains Land Trusts through examples, illustrations, and Q&A in all videos.

Fill out Your Own Forms

All of the forms offered can be edited. Using Microsoft Office you will be able to open and edit the forms to fit your needs. As new trust law comes out, you can add or remove sections as needed.

50 State Laws & Professionals

No matter which state you choose to form your Land Trust in, Mr. Land Trust® has you covered! If you're looking for help, Mr. Land Trust® has a network of Attorneys, Lenders, Insurers, and Trustee services.

Monthly Live Training

Group live training allows access to Mr. Land Trust® and other Real Estate Professionals. Offered for 1 hour each month, you may join the live video stream or call in with your questions. The training is hosted in an open forum. These sessions are recorded and active LTU students may play them back as they need. Looking for additional support? You may email Mr. Land Trust® at any time!


Home Study Courses - LTU Included!

Land Trusts Made Simple Basic Course Front Cover with USB key
Front covers of the Land Trusts Made Simple Basic and Advanced courses with USB keys featured

land trust university basic included

Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Course

I have been using Land Trusts for more than 40 years. Learn from my vast experience and knowledge. This is my Basic course that will teach you how to set up and administer your own Land Trusts for privacy, asset protection, and profit. All the forms you need are included. This is the kind of information that you do not find at book stores, online, or from your attorney. This may sound trite but this is REALLY creative thinking at its best! Make more profits using Land Trusts.

land trust university master edition included

Land Trusts Made Simple® Complete Package

Add my Advanced course 2.0 (updated to over 300 pages!) to my Basic course, and you get my Complete Package!

My Advanced course delves into the fascinating world of structuring asset protection Land Trusts and how to link these trusts with other entities (i.e. Personal Property Trusts, LLCs, and Corporations). Nowhere else in America is this information taught (not even in law school to your lawyer). When you finish this course YOU will have expert knowledge of Land Trusts. I teach you how to operate your business (and life) at the “trust level” not the personal level.

You save $$$ when you purchase these courses together!


Why Learn from Mr. Land Trust®?


50+ Years in the Trenches

He pays the bills as a single-family house investor and has for decades. Throughout his career, he has faced many of the challenges you face.


More Than 20 years Teaching Land Trusts

His first Land Trust course was written in 2003 and the Land Trust University was formed in 2005. He has sold more than 3500 courses and taught thousands more about the benefits of protecting real estate with Land Trusts.


Fighting on the Frontline

Lawyers are coming up with new ways to attack your assets. Mr. Land Trust® learns of these methods from his network of professionals. Then releases updates to you, his Land Trust University student!

monthly coaching calls

Ask your Questions

Included in your Membership are group coaching calls for 1 hour every month! In an open forum style, you can ask questions about Land Trust strategy, Land Trust creation procedures, state-by-state Land Trust theory, and other, asset protection-related questions.

  About me

Who is Mr. Land Trust®?

Randy has purchased more than 200 houses. He has lived the life of having nothing and will not let that happen again. Randy’s primary goal now is to teach others how to break the cycle of poverty. Randy teaches real estate investment courses throughout the United States. He has written Privacy and Asset Protection books as well as home study courses. Randy’s most popular publications are his Land Trust Made Simple® home study courses and live seminars.



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YEars investing

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What Our Students Say

"Hey there Randy, thought you'd like to know . . .  I did it! I did it!  hahhaaaaha . . . I purchased a property in Florida using the Trustee / Land Trust arrangement. Then I purchased House & Liability Insurance as you had instructed. ALL Good!!"

Debra M.

British Columbia, Canada - Property in Florida

"I think your one of my Heroes now Randy. You are just a genius and you have terrific products and help! Thanks, I got a property under contract today, and I feel bulletproof and super-creative for knowing what you taught and continue to teach me! I’m on my Way!"

Miles N.

Real Estate Investor

Students and Non-Students Express Their Gratitude


Frequently Asked

What's Included with the Land Trust University?
  • All the Land Trust forms you'll need for the rest of your life!
  • Admission to Mr. Land Trust's® monthly LIVE Coaching Call for all current subscribing students.
  • Videos of Mr. Land Trust® teaching the course and answering the questions of the students in the room.
  • An archive of 11+ years of monthly Coaching Call recordings. Listen to hours and hours of accumulated experience.
  • Editions of the Land Trust Newsletter archive going back to 2011.
  • 50 States Trust Law. Mr. Land Trust® researched each state, so you don't have to. When he learns something new in a state Land Trust law, he updates these files.
  • Bonuses! We can't share them all here but we will give you a hint of what you'll find. Mr. Land Trust® likes to reward his Land Trust University students with ample value!
Do I get anything else?

Yes! I give you all of my e-books on why and how to use Land Trusts. I also include my Privacy and Asset Protection book. This book will explain what risks exist for real estate investors and "how-to" protect yourself from those risks!

Can I Buy the Land Trust University By Itself?

The Land Trust University is your ongoing access to Land Trusts Made Simple courses, so you must purchase the Basic, Advanced, or Complete Land Trust Made Simple® course to gain access. You can stop your membership at any time using the Dashboard of your Land Trust University account.

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Buy any Land Trusts Made Simple® Home Study Course and get 3 months free access to my Land Trust University or Land Trust University Masters Edition!

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