Thank you, Millionaire Possibilities, for a successful Land Trust Training Day!

Mr. Land Trust®: Hey! We’re here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and we just finished a one-day training, a Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic training class here in Oklahoma. Ed Zinnamon’s got the club here, the REIA, and he’s the man that put the room together with his wife Lisa, thank you so much for a great day, everybody really enjoyed the time we had together. Did you have fun, Ed?

Ed Zinnamon: Oh, it was a great day. (Garbled.) I’ve been doing this for a long time, I learned information today, everybody in the group . . . it was just great information, well worth the day. If you have an opportunity to see this man, come see him.

Mr. Land Trust®: Thanks, Ed. Appreciate it very much. Okay?