Editor’s Note: This video is selected from a video newsletter Mr. Land Trust® created for his active Land Trust University students. The Financial Statement to which he refers is only available to his active Land Trust University subscribers.

Now, let’s get back to the Financial Statement.

My suggestion to you is when you go shopping for loans, you might go to five different banks or ten different banks. So one of the benefits of the Land Trust University is you’ll find a Financial Statement in there that you can use and it’s designed for you to be able to lump all your assets together and show those assets and liabilities and trusts and then when you go out shopping, you just give that Financial Statement that shows everything aggregated together.

There’s no reason to give a breakdown of the 59 properties you own to every single bank you go to. Just give them the big parts, the big numbers, use my Financial Statement. It’s all it calculates out for you. It’s it’s free. It’s included in the Land Trust University. So use it.

And and then let’s say you give it to ten different banks. One banks accepts and says, “Okay. We’re going to make this loan.” They’re probably going to ask you for a breakdown of those assets and liabilities and then you can break that down and give it to them.

You know, showing them each property and the cash flow and that sort of thing.