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Real-world examples make for a high-quality learning experience. You envision things better when you discuss actual situations. It is easier for you to make connections between what you are learning and your own circumstances. You know what’s even better? It’s more fun! If you’re a Land Trust University student in good standing, plan now for […]

Shield Yourself from Bad People

Santa Clara Convention Center 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, United States Hello all you California real estate investors! This is Mr. Land Trust®. And I'm gonna be coming to speak to your group, your organization, you know, you have a meeting like every six months or so, and I'm gonna be one of the speakers at your next meeting. What I'm coming to talk to […]

Your Monthly Live Training for February is Today!

Land Trust University

Learn, Laugh, and Land Trust with Mr. Land Trust®! Tired of dry webinars and boring legal jargon? Mr. Land Trust® throws out the rulebook and brings the fun to Land Trust education! Join his exclusive Monthly Live Training Sessions and discover: Live Q&A: Got burning questions? Mr. Land Trust® answers them all, from director signatures […]

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Are you a real estate investor ready to take control of your assets and maximize your returns? Then step into the inner circle with Mr. Land Trust's® insightful members-only Land Trust Newsletter, your bi-monthly guide to sharpening your investing edge and unlocking the power of Land Trusts and asset protection. Mr. Land Trust® isn't just […]