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Santa Clara Convention Center 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, United States Hello all you California real estate investors! This is Mr. Land Trust®. And I'm gonna be coming to speak to your group, your organization, you know, you have a meeting like every six months or so, and I'm gonna be one of the speakers at your next meeting. What I'm coming to talk to […]

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Learn, Laugh, and Land Trust with Mr. Land Trust®! Tired of dry webinars and boring legal jargon? Mr. Land Trust® throws out the rulebook and brings the fun to Land Trust education! Join his exclusive Monthly Live Training Sessions and discover: Live Q&A: Got burning questions? Mr. Land Trust® answers them all, from director signatures […]

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Land Trust University

Are you a real estate investor ready to take control of your assets and maximize your returns? Then step into the inner circle with Mr. Land Trust's® insightful members-only Land Trust Newsletter, your bi-monthly guide to sharpening your investing edge and unlocking the power of Land Trusts and asset protection. Mr. Land Trust® isn't just […]

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Get Insider Access & Expert Guidance Unlock the full potential of Land Trusts and real estate investing with Mr. Land Trust’s® exclusive Monthly Live Training. This members-only event, held every month for more than a decade, connects you directly with Mr. Land Trust® and a supportive community of fellow investors. Go beyond the basics and […]