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Free Live Land Trust Webinar!

May 23 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CDT

Hi, this is Mr. Land Trust®, and I am here to talk to you about an upcoming webinar that I’ll be putting on on May 23rd for all you members.

This is gonna be a very important Changing Your Life type webinar. We’re gonna talk about many benefits of controlling real estate, not owning it.

And just, just to make sure you understand here, if you’re controlling real estate, you’re gonna get all the same benefits that you get if you own it, in other words, if your name’s on on the deed, but you’re not gonna get the negative side. And what I mean by that is there’s risk in owning real estate. All kinds of risk.

I’ve been in this business for over five decades and I’ve seen some real weird things happen in this real estate business. So to protect you and your family, don’t own this stuff in your name, own it in a trust.

And that’s what I’m gonna teach you on May 23rd. Teach you many principals, benefits and the ways to create a trust, to hold title in a trust, uh, so you can still get the benefits, but not the negatives.

So please attend the May 23rd event. It’s gonna be one hour long. It’s a great presentation.

Uh, and I’ve been teaching this for over 25 years to real estate investors all around the United States, and I hope that you’ll bring your significant other, your spouse, uh, even your adult children. They can learn and benefit from this.

Uh, so please put it on your calendar. May 23rd be there. We’ll learn how to not only protect our assets, be more private, but make more money using a trust than if you don’t use a trust.

So hope you’d see it there. I’ll be there. Hope you and your family are there, and I promise it’ll be well worth your one hour of time.

See you then. Bye.

This free virtual meeting is open to members and non-members alike!

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