Once a week I receive an email from an online business that publishes information on high profile people. Usually there is a picture of the famous person’s house, car or yacht included.  It is amazing to me that public figures can be so naive to own their personal residences in their own name. Don’t they realize that all a crazy person has to do is look up their name online and then go a-knocking on the front door?

I remember a news story from several years ago when a wild fan of a movie star showed up at her door and shot her dead when the celebrity answered the door.  How can these famous folks avoid their crazy fans? By using a Land Trust to hold title to their property!  Duh, come on folks!

There is NO registry for Land Trusts. So, no one can look you up and find out what you own or where you live. Land Trusts are easy to set up and cost NOTHING to form! Why would anyone in their right mind not use this wonderful tool? Beats me.


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