When you buy a house and finance it with a mortgage that gets recorded at the courthouse, you are asking Identity Thieves to become a part of your life!

The average person does not think about it. When you finance a property that is secured by a mortgage there is an incredible amount of personal Man sitting in the dark looking at a computer screeninformation about you that is published in your local county tax records office. Tax and mortgage records are a breeding ground for Identity Thieves.

Here is a list of some of the information an ID thief can get from the county records website. They do not even have to drive over to the courthouse!

1. Your full legal name
2. Any maiden name, nickname, or aliases
3. Your home address (assuming you do not use a PO Box)
4. Your mailing address (if it is different from your home address)
5. Your phone number and your personal contact information (such as your work info)
6. The type of mortgage you have on your home, how much you borrowed, what the terms of the loan are, how much you paid for your home, etc.

Besides Identity Thieves, you are also prey to nosey neighbors, unhappy ex-spouses, disgruntled employees, jilted lovers, and co-workers. In short, anyone with a computer and a desire to cause you trouble. 

If you use a Land Trust to hold title to all your real estate holdings, none of the above will matter to you.

It is your move.

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