There can be situations in which the Due On Sale clause is a sensitive issue. If you want to steer away from these circumstances, then consider what Michelle from Phoenix did. She set out to remove potential triggers of the Due On Sale clause, and sped the deal up considerably at the same time. As you will read, she’s very happy with what she accomplished!

“I am beyond impressed with “Mr. Land Trust.”. We had placed an offer on a house . . . but were concerned about the possibility of our seller financing triggering the “due on sale clause”.

After a LOT of research, all fingers pointed to Randy Hughes as the person to learn from.

We purchased Mr. Hughes’ Basic and Advanced Courses and I studied fast; we wanted this house and Mr. Hughes seemed like our best hope in having the peace of mind that it would stay “ours”.

Fast forward . . . only a WEEK later and the papers were signed!! Thanks to Mr. Hughes’ Courses, incredible strategies, forms and his support, a stay-at-home Mom like me is moving into her dream home.

Thank you, Mr. Hughes, for providing such excellent and prompt support. You helped me when I had an extremely time-sensitive deadline. Your Courses and coaching were such a blessing to me and my family.

Your expertise is worth immeasurably more than what I paid for it!”

Phoenix, Arizona