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I have cracked the CODE of using Real Estate Trusts to protect your assets AND improve your bottom line!

Hi, I am Mr. Land Trust® and I have been a full-time real estate investor since 1969. I want to teach you how to create your own Land Trusts and other Privacy/Asset Protection techniques. To be clear, I am not talking about land conservation land trusts, but Trusts that hold title to your investment real estate.

My products are designed to fit your real estate investing needs for both beginner and experienced investors.  I also teach you how to protect your real estate wealth from the greedy sharks known as "Contingency Fee Lawyers" (and their deadbeat clients) using:

  •  Land Trusts (The Illinois "Type" Land Trust, but not exclusively an Illinois Trust)
  •  Personal Property Trusts (To hold title to your car, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, gun collection, tools, etc.)
  •  LLCs and other asset protection techniques 

There is a lot of wealth to be made in real estate investing, but you have to learn how to protect it or you will lose it! It is actually easier to build wealth than it is to KEEP wealth.

Once you reach a certain level of success everyone (and their dog and their dog's attorney) will be after you for a free ride. Filings of civil cases in the district courts continue to increase. The number of cases in 2022 jumped to 375,870 according to government data.

  • You are especially at risk if you are a real estate investor! (So, be sure to use a real estate trust to hold title)
  • Lawsuits are emotionally, physically, and financially draining
  • Despite our "innocent until proven guilty" system, you can be 100% innocent and still be sued to the edge of bankruptcy for frivolous reasons!

You spend a lot of time learning how to make money in the real estate investment business. Please take a few minutes to learn how to protect those hard-earned assets. I will give you a Real Estate Trust example a little later.

I actually heard a lawyer say this once, "We attorneys survive, it is the clients who come and go."

Yes, I use Limited Liability Companies too, but NOT to hold title to real estate. Think about it, didn't grandma teach us to "not put all your eggs in one basket?" That is exactly what you are doing if you title more than one property in ANY one entity. Don't do it!

Don't hold title to your real estate in an LLC. It becomes a nexus for a lawsuit. (Hint: Make the beneficiary of your trust the LLC.)

After being in this business for more than 50 years I should know a thing or two. You want to put each property into its own SEPARATE real estate trust. You may then have your LLC or Corporation serve as the beneficiary of your Land Trust . . . and I will discuss that technique later.

I get asked all the time about Real Estate Trusts. Questions like:

  1. What Is the Definition of a Land Trust?
  2. How Do I Create a Land Trust?
  3. What Land Trust Forms Do I Need?
  4. Do I provide Trustee Services?
  5. What About Irrevocable Land Trusts?

I have answered those questions and others in my FAQ section. Please take a few minutes right now to read this information. I promise it will be worth your time . . .

Remember, Land Trusts are like submarines. They take you below the surface and keep your activities off of the public "radar."

Land Trusts Made Simple® - Land Trust Benefits:

  • Do you want to learn how to hide your assets?
  • Would you like to transfer your property privately without using a deed?
  • How would you like to protect your property from personal liens or judgments?
  • Would you like to appear broke to the public?
  • Do you want to reduce your chances of a lawsuit?
  • Do you want to create your own Land Trusts again and again at no cost?
  • Would you like a PRIVATE agreement with your Trustee that is not recorded?
  • How would you like to know how to put each of your properties into their own individual Land Trusts and insulate them from each other?
  • Do you want to learn how to hold title to your property out of your state?
  • Would you like to learn how to get around the Due on Sale Clause in your loan?


and YOU can learn to set one up yourself!

The general public thinks that all real estate investors are RICH. Therefore, real estate investors are more of a "target" for lawsuits. However, lawyers are not stupid. They know that there is a difference between winning a lawsuit and collecting on a judgment.

So, if you own property in your own personal name you appear to be a good candidate for a lawsuit (justified or not). Did you know there are legal sharks swimming around out there ready to attack you and your property and steal it from you?

Do you want to stop them? I have the answer for you; Real Estate Land Trusts and asset protection planning.

Without a Trust, you are hanging your ASSETS in the wind for anyone to come along and sue you right out of owning them. Start the process of protecting yourself quickly and privately from the convenience of your computer. Many advertise charging over $1,000 for services to set up each Trust for you.

  • I give you the tools (and the forms) to do them yourself OVER AND OVER AGAIN AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • I also EDUCATE you about Trusts and exactly how they work. The HOW and WHY. So you can produce as many Land Trusts as you want (I suggest you put EACH property into its own separate Land Trust to insulate each property from the other).

After you understand the basics, I offer you a complete home study course to understand what Land Trusts can do AND I give you all the forms needed to create your own Land Trusts.

Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Home Study Download (Buy Now) is the most complete guide in the USA today to starting your own land trusts on your computer without paying anyone to create them.

This is Doug from California. He is a real estate investor that thought he had his asset protection plan set. Listen to what he has to say now that he has taken the Land Trusts Made Simple® live training.


Real Estate Investor, California

If you have one property or ten you would pay from $1,000-$10,000 to set up individual Land Trusts. (Remember, I suggest you always have separate trusts for each property.)

Included in my Home Study courses are all the forms to create and maintain your Land Trusts at home without paying anyone! Again, this is a must to protect your vehicle to wealth (real estate).

For the real estate investor, I frequently offer a Basic live seminar and an Advanced live seminar every five years or so. I also offer these two seminars in an online format for those who cannot attend my live events. I give you the tools needed to start protecting your assets immediately. If you purchase a hard copy or digital version of my Home Study courses, you will receive online access to me teaching the material to a live audience.

I have been investing in Single Family Homes (as rental property) since 1969. I have discovered that there are NO positive benefits to owning real estate in your own personal name . . . only negatives! Learn NOW how to protect your investment real estate from the deadbeats in our society (and their contingency fee lawyers).

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My Popular Land Trusts Made Simple® Complete Home Study Package

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